Art photography at home, for your company or the association.

Art photography can add a certain mood to your home or company. Your walls can tell stories, inspire, create an atmosphere, “hygge” and charm. That is why it is so important to choose the right art photography that fits your exact home or company. Browse this website to get inspired, or join us at our next pop-up gallery. Get a notification about our next event by signing up to our newsletter. If you would like us to create a unique art photography solution for your company, we will gladly take a look and give you an offer.

Art photography gives a personal touch to your home

With art photography on the walls you can easily change atmosphere and style. Art has a big impact on the overall impression, which is why you should choose the size and colour that speaks to you. The photography’s that express your personality and the mood you want to create in your home. There is no reason to compromise the quality. We work only with the best, and we guarantee a world class quality.

Let art photography adorn your walls and create a home with a stunning and unique eye catcher.

Art photography for your company or association

Bo Nymann’s art photography can also adorn the walls of your company or association. Whether you wish to give off a vibe of quality and professionalism, or focus on the joy and productivity within the company, Photo Art Bo Nymann has several solutions to suit your needs.

We will also create unique solutions consisting of pictures of your company or association. Unique and one of a kind art photography solutions help to underline the company’s image, visions, concept and brand. We find the art photography solution that suits your company. It could be decorating the entire reception with pictures of your own company and production that describes what you stand for when your guests arrive. Either as individual photography’s or a collage. Perhaps you want us to spice up the cafeteria and make it even more welcoming with photography’s that suits your style. 

The opportunities are endless, and we will find the unique solution that is tailored to you.

As an example, we can mention the photography collage created for Brugerrådet at Greve Idræts- og Fritidscenter, that Bo Nymann created a unique solution for. An 18 meter long photography collage adorns an entire wall at the sports center. As an ordered solution, the job was to capture the myriad of activities that goes on at Greve Idræts- og Fritidscenter. The photography’s were shot over a span of five months and reflects the joy of life and the strong community. The photography collage is a fixed decoration at Greve Idræts- og Fritidscenter.

Art photography with tax advantages for the company is also an option. We fulfill all of the requirements regarding numbered, signed and limited editions. Ask your accountant about the opportunities at your company.

Art associations

Art associations, both large and small, are welcome to contact us if they are interested in exhibiting Bo Nymann’s photography’s. Depending on the exhibition period, and rooms provided, we will find the gallery photography’s and the amount that best suit your needs.

Call us at +45 2613 2862, or send us a mail at for further options in regards to your art association.