Bo Nymann

Photographer Bo Nymann was born in Denmark, 1961. He has been a professional photographer since 1986. He is curious, patient and always on the lookout for new inspiration. Nature and the meeting of people has always had Bo’s interest. No matter where he is in the world, he always needs to look around the next corner where a new picture and adventure might await him.

Bo Nymann’s exhibition photographies have been described as unique, captivating, beautiful, fascinating, educational, remarkable and important.

Quality and professionalism is reflected in Bo Nymann’s art photography. When the right picture has been shot, the following production of the photography is equally as important. At Photo Art Bo Nymann the finished art photography is always guaranteed to be a limited edition and of the highest quality. This means each photography is only available in very limited amount, and a certificate of authenticity is included. The certificate gives you, as a customer, a way to prove the authenticity of your specific art photography.